Sylvana’s Catering

Sylvana’s Catering

My Story

My name is Silvana.
I was born in the beautiful country of Uruguay, where the kitchen is not only food, but a complete ritual.
I was raised in a household where every day, with no exception, I will sit down at the kitchen table and share some delicious food with my siblings (Lucia and Damian) my father (Jorge) and my mother (Maria Rosa).
My first encounter and training with cooking was when I was 8 years old thanks to my mother. I have grown to truly love and devote my time to the gastronomy and it is magic.
It is a combination of flavors, smells, textures, and visual beauty.
Cooking is truly an act of love.

Our services

Silvana’s Catering will suite all your needs!!
​Corporate events


Private gatherings

Corporate luncheons


Sweet sixteens


Holiday party

And more!!!!!

Since 2000 I have lived in Houston, Texas, a city that I love and which has given me a beautiful family, great friends,and a incredible work experience.

I have had the opportunity to work with MD Anderson, local restaurants and my own catering company, Silvana’s Catering to name a few.
Silvana’s Catering services offer 100% home cooked meals of its best quality from scratch.
We have professional and well-prepared personnel to assist with every order.
We do not use conservatives, canned foods neither artificial foods.
We guarantee you fresh products!
Our influences come from , Mexican, Italian, Latin American, And American kitchens.
Our services include a grand variety of dishes, food packages and various promotions; depending on the event and desires .
We even provide cooking onsite, if you desire.