El kiosko Frutas y Helados

El kiosko Frutas y Helados

‘’El Kiosko frutas y helados ®’’ is an ice-cream (helados), fruit salad (ensalada de frutas), natural juices (jugos naturales), milk shakes (malteadas) and Mexican style snack bar (no Tex-Mex) franchise, well known as “El Kiosko”.  We are pioneers in this concept, introducing our delightful TROLES (water based snow texture ice-cream/raspa made of 100% fruit) in Texas. Our El Kiosko Menu has more than 100 products, we have the greatest variety of flavors for your taste, like our famous Explosion (aka Mangonada), our Chamoyadas, ice popsicles (paletas de hielo), fruit salads (ensalada de frutas), milkshakes (malteadas), white or yellow corn in a cup (elote desgranado), whole corn (elote entero), crazy corn (elote loko), juices (jugos), chips preparados, rusas, & many more snacks that you can find in all our categories that are part of our menu at El Kiosko


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