Omana Natural Wellness Center

Omana Natural Wellness Center
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Omana Natural Wellness Center
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Dr. Alicia C. Omana, PhD, MPH.

An interesting factor that I have observed in my career for over 35 years is that people cannot attain the dreams of their lives because they feel something is holding them back.  These can be imbalances affecting their health at all levels of their existence.

I am a professional traditional naturopath and natural wellness nutritional consultant who works with people that are experiencing these things daily and who want tools, information, solutions, and support to have more energy, clarity, and motivation so they can find enthusiasm, joy and harmony again.

Methodologies and Interventions used:

Acupressure MPS
Botanicals (Herbs)
Bioenergy Quantum & Harmony Soul/Body/Mind
Individualized Tailored Food
Holistic Emotional Relief & Balance
Initial Adult Natural Wellness Consultation
Initial Child Natural Wellness Consultation
Lifestyle Applications
Bio-Magnet Interventions
Natural Flower Essence Well-being
Essential Oils Wellness and Spirituality
Natural Nutritional Supplements
Professional Wellness Analysis Décor for Home & Workspace: Identify Energy Flows for a Total Success & Wellbeing
Sound and Vibration Wellness Sessions to improve health
Wellness Fitness & Weight loss

“My desire is for you to allow me to be your PERSONALIZED natural wellness and traditional naturopath consultant, I can help you to exponentially grow in all levels in all aspects of your path in life”.

20507 Benwest Ct. Spring TX
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