THROUGH MY EYES, a unique tribute to the culture, beauty and treasures of VENEZUELA


DANMAR Academy of Performing Arts, a non-profit organization, is mounting a full-scale, entirely original production, “Through My Eyes”, a vibrant fantasy journey with spectacular music and dance numbers in which the emblems of the Venezuelan regions are distributed through the various scenes.


Saturday, June 16, 2018, 8:00 pm


Stafford Centre. 10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, TX 77477


DANMAR Academy of Performing Arts, along with local professional guest dancers and musicians, share their talents under the production and artistic direction of choreographer, main dancer and international award winner Maria Fernanda Urbaez, and the Grammy Award-winning musician and composer, Gustavo Caruci, as musical director. Founded to promote, preserve and foster an appreciation of world cultures, DANMAR also counts on many international Award nominee and winner musicians such as Huascar Barradas (International flautist and composer), Eddy Marcano (International violinist and Conductor), Hector Molina (C4Trio), Layo Puentes (Pittsburgh Symphony), Jorge Cro-Cro Orta (Tumbaka), Rudy Rincon (Grupo Kache), Mary Frometa (Mary’s Band), Marisela Collyns (Marisela ysu Sonkaribe) to name a few, to complete the production’s cast. The special guest Masters of Ceremony are Mrs. Grace Olivares (Univision) and Mr. Raul O. Edwards (Flamart).


Venezuela is a popular country where in recent times, is known for its political and social situation. Notwithstanding, its cultural riches, its natural beauties, its people and its treasures have moved to a second place. With this large-scale production, “Through my Eyes”, we want to present to the world another vision of this great country. The “Mestizaje” was the greatest work of art achieved by the Spaniards in the New World, a mixture of European, Africans and Indigenous people. One of the most evident qualities of Venezuelan music and dance is its diversity and unique blending of rhythmic styles that arrived in the Americas, evolved and became influential. Because of our Hispanic heritage, our first objective is to promote the Hispanic culture beginning at its origins and moving on through our history.

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